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Choosing where and how you live requires planning and support to ensure that you make the right choices for you. We will assist you and your support network to explore the many accommodation options to ensure that you live how and where you want. 

Accommodation Options

Windarring will work with you or in partnership with other agencies to explore accommodation and living options.  These range from independent living in our Millend units, group accommodation options right through to outreach options in your own home.  Among the opportunities offered recently were 5 places in our house at Caroline Chisolm Drive. Tenants living in the shared, 5 bedroom home receive support for their day to day living. 

Living Skills

Windarring offers a range of activities
that will give you the skills to help you
become more independent. These include:

  • Cooking, meal planning and nutrition
  • Public transport and road safety
  • Being a good neighbour
  • Gardening and maintenance
  • Budgeting and money handling
  • navigating the digital world
  • Relationships

We’ll also work out how we can best help you to bring all of these skills together.