Water activities just got easier for people with limited mobility

water therapy

Windarring CHAPD is a local disability service provider that recognizes the value of water-based activities for people with disability.  Swimming and hydrotherapy activity allows people the opportunity to experience the tactile sensation of water in a fun and safe environment while encouraging an active lifestyle.

A recent fundraising effort has enabled Windarring to secure an Active Standing Hoist on behalf of the community which was presented to Kyneton Toyota Sports and Aquatic Centre today.  The presentation was attended by Councillors John Connor and Ian Ellis, representatives of Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Allison Horley from Lions Club and Windarring CEO, Chris O’Connor.

The hoist will be situated at Kyneton Toyota Sports and Aquatic Centre for use by any individual that will benefit from assistance in accessing the aquatic facilities.  Centre Manager, John Ground has welcomed the concept of a mobility aid such as this and is pleased to offer support in the use, care and maintenance of the equipment on behalf of Windarring and the Macedon Ranges community.  Any individual or health professional that wished to use the equipment should contact the staff at the aquatic centre.

“This equipment will ensure access and availability to water activities and hydrotherapy for a wider range of people” said Windarring’s Sharon Bodilly.  The aid will assist people who are weight-bearing but with limited mobility to enjoy the benefits of water activities at the Kyneton Sports and Aquatic Centre and includes people with physical disabilities, mobility issues, injury rehabilitation needs and aged people.  A further benefit of the mobile compact active standing aid is in the ease and safety of transfer to and from the pool and changing facilities thus supporting the dignity of the user while ensuring good manual handling practices for any support staff/carers.

Approximately 3.8% of the residents of our shire are living with a profound disability and needing assistance with core activities.  Equally, our shire has an aging population and is estimated to have a higher proportion of residents aged 65+ than the rest of Victoria.  The likelihood of living with a disability increase with age so there is likely to be a corresponding increase in people with a disability in our population. Source:  MRSC Community Access and Inclusion Plan 2014-2018