Our new look newsletter.

We have so many wonderful people who are part of our wider Windarring community. With over 150 participants, their parents, carers and friends and approximately 100 volunteers and staff, there is always so much going on here. There’s always stories to tell and information to share. Sometimes Windarring hasn’t always been consistently good at telling these stories so we have decided to focus on this to ensure that our whole community gets to hear and share in each other’s activites and successes.

We're now going to be more regular with our newsletters. To reflect our community there’ll be a mix of articles about what’s happening here, stories about our people, relevant information about services and developments — and always something about the NDIS. Maybe not all the information will be relevant to everyone all the time. Our audience is diverse, both geographically and in their interests but we hope everyone gets something out of it. We also see the newsletter as a good way to promote Windarring to people in our wider localities who currently do not use our services.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of our July Newsletter.

We welcome any feedback, as well as your stories and photos for the August newsletter.